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About us

Company Simi Hafner d.o.o. is a small family business located in Škofja Loka, Slovenia. We offer to our client complete solutions, from development to distribution of various products made from PVC, PP material and paper. We are not focused on a narrow range of products but we can, according to our expertise and knowledge of Slovenian and European market, find solutions for the technologically most complex products.

We deal with:

  • Production of  a wide range of products, made from PVC film, PP film and paper, using technology based on VF welding and punching
  • Commercial activity, based on wholesale, primarily security bags and  cartons
  • Publishing activity, this is reflected in our own New Year’s edition of the program (table calendars, organizers ...)

    Product development

As a company with years of experience in the manufacturing various products made of different materials (PVC, PP film, paper) we are the right partner to produce the ideal product for you, which is envisioned by your designer or by yourself  in cooperation with our designers.

We offer a production of products with:


Technological equipment

The Company has the following working machines:

  • HF welding machines
  • cutting machine
  • roller cutting machine
  • packing machine
  • screen printing machine
  • machine for counting paper and PP material